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Providing a best-of-breed, contactless talent management platform to help your organization drive efficiencies in finding, hiring, and retaining top talent.

Across all service industry segments, talentReef provides quality applicant flow, manages state and federal compliance, engages employees on the floor, and provides standardized tools that ensure ease of use for home office and field teams. By leveraging talentReef's full suite of recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and engagement, the lifecycle of both hourly and salaried employees can be fully managed within a single social-mobile platform. 



Simple Solutions to Complex Problems

talentReef solves for a multitude of challenges related to the employee life-cycle of decentralized talent management -- Quantity and quality applicant flow, compliance demands in a dispersed and diverse environment, high-volume onboarding across multi-unit or multi-state footprints, systematic training, and effectively evaluating and developing employees to keep top performers engaged.  

With an easy to use interface requiring minimal training for managers, talentReef empowers them to spend more time on the floor with customers.  talentReef offers a cost effective system that allows organizations, including those with numerous franchisees, to get up with little cost of ownership or time commitments.    


Supporting all Service Industries

Since inception, talentReef has been dedicated to building the most complete Talent Management platform designed for companies with a large hourly and decentralized workforce. talentReef’s field-friendly functionality provides talent acquisition and engagement tools that benefit companies in a variety of verticals including restaurants, convenience stores, hotel and hospitality, grocery, retail, wholesale/distribution, entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing and more. With extensive domain expertise across numerous industry segments, our products are designed to support unique environments, complex workflows and unlimited user types.

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