TalentReef has always been the only talent management platform built for location-based, high-volume hourly hiring.

We’ve seen a lot of change in our industry in the past few years. There used to be plenty of applicants. The recruiting process focused on quality vs. quantity and employers could take their time filling positions.  

Today, everything is different. There is an extreme shortage of applicants and speed matters more than anything. Costs continue to go up and existing employees are getting burned out. In some cases, corporate team members are working the front lines themselves. 

Sound familiar?  

Hourly job seekers have more choice than ever, which means employers have to evolve from outdated hiring strategies or get left behind. 

That’s where TalentReef comes in. 

Everything we do focuses on how to make the recruiting and hiring process faster, easier, and more automated, both for those who hire hourly workers and the applicants themselves. 

From the fastest application in the industry and a Conversational AI Chatbot to 2-way Text Communications and Automated Interview Scheduling, we’ve created an innovative platform that’s built to scale and has the flexibility to change based on positional requirements, seasonality, local market needs, etc. — specifically for those who hire hourly workers.  

With over a decade of experience in over 100,000 locations across the country, we are the experts in hourly hiring.

We may not know what’s going to happen next with the hourly workforce, but the TalentReef platform is built to help our customers withstand any storm.  

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That's one thing I like about TalentReef — you're continuing to innovate all the time. The company and the features that you guys had when we signed three years ago are nothing compared to what you have now.

Lacey Navarrete

Director of Talent Acquisition
Scooters Coffee 

I really appreciate that TalentReef is actively updating the platform. It’s nice that it’s not staying the same and we wanted to come back because of the new features.

Lauren Austin

Employee Relations Manager
Brumit Restaurant Group

Doing it right the
first time.

What makes our implementation process different?

  • Decades of team and industry-specific experience 
  • Automated blueprints and proven best practices to ensure optimization of the platform 
  • Industry-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) 
  • Industry-leading time-to-implement/time-to-value 
  • We do the heavy lifting (you won’t find that anywhere else!) 

We’ve designed a standardized process that has demonstrated success, yet still allows us the flexibility to create individualized solutions based on each customers’ needs and goals.  

New Hire Onboarding

This is no “one size fits all” setup where we push a few buttons and then you’re on your own — we take the time to listen to your requirements and goals to develop the best configuration and solution set for your company.  

Goof-Proof Compliance

Implementation time ranges based on the complexity of the project, but using the brand blueprints that we’ve developed over the years, we have fine-tuned our process to create a high level of quality and consistency across all of our customersallowing us to deliver for you effectively and efficiently. 

Employee Engagement

As your trusted advisors, we’ll work with you throughout the process to ensure understanding and approval so that you get results from the platform the moment you start using it.  Something this essential to your business operations should be done right. We want to make sure that everything works the first time so that you can start seeing a return on your investment right away.  

In the three months before switching to TalentReef, Crestline Hotels & Resorts was seeing an average of approximately 2,100 candidates per month. With TalentReef, they saw 9,845 in the first month alone — an increase of 369%. 

Crestline Hotel & Resorts

your business with our expertise.

What makes our customer success model different? 

  • We know the hourly recruiting market based on a decade of knowledge and supporting over 100,000 locations  
  • We have an entire team of seasoned experts ready to support you.  
  • We are available seven days a week. 
  • We can connect through whatever channel is most convenient for you: submitting a ticket through our support site, Live Chat, phone, and email. (But don’t worry; you won’t just get routed to oblivion.  You’ll talk to an actual human at our HQ in Denver, Colorado!) 
  • We also offer support for your applicants to maximize the number of candidates that complete the application process. 

At TalentReef, we take pride in our Customer Support model. From your first day to your 400th day (and beyond!), we are here to help. Our team is here to support your team and help your business thrive. And yes — we really do want to talk to you!  

Automated Recruiting

It all starts with your Customer Success Manager (CSM). They are here to support you through every step of your journey and are excited to get to know you and your business. Our CSMs have a wealth of industry knowledge, cross-client best practices, and platform expertise that customers consistently rave about. If your CSM can’t answer your question right away, though, we have an entire team working behind them to help find a solution.  


The TalentReef Resource Library is another way we support our customers. It’s filled with helpful videos and step-by-step tutorials, webinar recordings, product updates, and more! We’re working hard to build out more tips in the platform itself and our product team sends out a monthly newsletter to keep customers up-to-date on all things TalentReef. 

Advanced Communications

The time we invest together upfront will save you countless hours after implementation. But if you do have a question about optimizing the platform, need support with a feature, or have any other need, you will never be left to “figure it out” on your own — our support team is here for you.   

TalentReef’s customer service is outstanding! Our dedicated account manager, Tony, has helped us make TalentReef ​the most efficient tool for our company.

Christina Scott

HR Manager, QSR
Indus Hospitality

Tony [Cardinella]’s support is unmatched. It’s nice to have a relationship, even on a remote scale, where you can talk to a real human.

Lauren Austin

Employee Relations Manager
Brumit Restaurant Group

We rely on your [TalentReef’s] customer service team to streamline some of the more time-consuming tasks.

Manager of Talent Acquisition and Culture
Fast-casual restaurant chain 

When we activated the Fast Apply option and paired down our PosiFit questions as recommended by our TalentReef rep, we saw an increase in applicant flow of 136%.

Bobbi Cichowski

Talent Acquisition Partner
ulti-national fast-food chain

What’s Next?

Employers need the ability to pivot easily from the employee-driven labor market of today to when the pendulum swings again.  

Our AI-driven platform offers the flexibility to adjust hiring strategies for each location and position as the market continues to change. Hiring managers can easily modify workflows and customize how job descriptions are written, where they’re posted, what the application form looks like, and more. When it comes to hourly talent acquisition today, recruiting and hiring strategies need to adapt to an ever-changing set of challenges. 

TalentReef is continuing to leverage AI as we build an even more dynamic system that learns and evolves to make recommendations that help customers reach hiring goals, know what to do based on the current market conditions, determine the ROI of recruitment methods to make decisions about how to designate job board/recruitment spend, track the effectiveness of their application, candidate engagement, and more.  

A successful recruiting strategy for hourly workers means you can’t solve your current hiring challenges by applying outdated solutions. We can’t predict the future, but we know things will inevitably change again. TalentReef can help you weather any storm. 

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