Our focus: continually innovating talent management for every stakeholder across the entire employee life cycle.


We provide the fastest, mobile-optimized, intuitive application process and best-in-class applicant support to help you think like a candidate.


We deliver integrated solutions configured for your hourly worker hiring processes, from recruiting and interview scheduling to onboarding and compliance.


We enable you to offer a unique employee experience that inspires people to make your company the foundation for their career path.

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Leaders anticipate industry trends and keep their customers ahead of the competition.

We launched the first automated talent platform in 2003, purpose-built for the hourly and decentralized workforce. In 2009, we built the market’s first social recruiting platform. Recruiting is ever-changing and we’ve stayed ahead of the curve with platform capabilities enabling you to distinguish your brand, meet candidates on their terms, and accurately identify quality applicants.


A valuable platform creates success in every part of the organization

Managers hire more effectively when you equip them with tools to significantly reduce time and error and quickly narrow the field to best-fit candidates – without making it more complex than the process you already have.


Engagement is a differentiator today’s employees demand, and we make possible.

TalentReef’s flexibility allows you to shape the employee experience your way. For hourly workers, that means delivering meaningful professional development content, self-service, and continuous communication. For management, that means providing an easy-to-learn, scalable solution consolidating everything from recruit to retain.

TalentReef offers great accessibility for management and applicants. The workflow processes benefit HR and Management oversight of hourly employees and also source a large magnitude of quality applicants to increase our expanding business in the convenience retail store sector. Our diverse workforce can easily manage and track their employees with the easy to use and straight forward platform. The Customer Service is exceptional in that the turn around time for questions is on demand.

Brooke Nelson

Landmark Industries

Brooke Nelson

Turnover costs stores money in several ways: wasted search and training expenses; inexperienced sales staff; lack of continuity with customers; and, ultimately, lost vehicle sales. Even small improvements can pay off for dealers in big ways, experts say.

Amy Wilson

Automotive News

Amy Wilson

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