What's In a Name

I want to personally thank each of you for your steadfast support of JobApp - our company and software platform. We have undergone significant changes over the past two years, and have added over 100 new staff to support our growth and strategic plans. We are so appreciative of your loyalty to JobApp and our amazing team.

Our changes have been transformational, and I’m pleased to announce that we are officially changing our company name from JobApp to talentReef effective the last weekend in February!

When we acquired and re-launched JobApp in Q4, 2012, one of our most hotly debated topics was the company name. We were determined to transform the company into the market-leading Human Capital Management company purposely-built for the Hourly workforce.  Here is a sampling of some of the exciting changes and results:

  • Re-located the Company Headquarters to Denver, Colorado 
  • Increased Research and Development spending by 1,000% to produce the industry's most strategic and unified platform for Social Recruiting and Talent Management Systems 
  • Achieved Record Financial results and triple digit growth for eight consecutive quarters
  • Recruited and onboarded >100+ proven and experienced veterans in the past 12 months from world-class HR Tech companies 
  • Won numerous industry awards from Codie, American Business Awards, Red Herring Best Technology Companies, and Industry specific awards 
  • Strategically adapted to new, complex HR processes; created best practice technologies for millennial workers and modern social, mobile software capabilities 

Fast-forward to today and JobApp's transformation continues at a torrent pace. We introduced our industry-leading Social Recruiting product: talentReef to the market a year ago to support the hyper-competitive recruiting of high potential Millennials. This sea change reality requires companies and workers to engage immediately via "one click" tools to find the best possible Talent "right in their backyard." Our social-mobile product name: talentReef was spot-on to reflect our broader and more strategic company and HR platform. Our complete, paperless HR system is modern and powerful compared with simple paper-based job applications (i.e. "job app") and recruiting processes from the dark ages. 

To this end, we're simply rebranding our company from JobApp to talentReef going forward. To echo this name change, Reefs are the largest ecosystems in the world, and are the big cities of the sea. There are thousands of organisms living within these ocean reefs that create the most diverse of all ecosystems. The value of reefs are incredibly important to people as well, providing food, protection of shorelines, global jobs based on tourism, and even medicines.

For our customers, partners, and shareholders, our passion and focus to re-shape the future HR and Operational needs of our clients has never been stronger. Talent is everything and talentReef is changing the way cloud-based HR systems are delivered to increase recruiting effectiveness and lower turnover, improve compliance and operational efficiencies, and ensure quality service level experiences are delivered by our client's people. Going forward as talentReef, we will continue to work tirelessly to listen to you and deliver world class Recruiting and Talent Management Systems for the best run companies.

How does this impact my company?

Everything that you, your managers, your employees, and your applicants do today to leverage our applications remain the same. As part of the rebrand, we will be launching a new website, www.talentReef.com that will be a rich resource for you and your company moving forward. The launch date is targeted for the last weekend in February. 

Attached is an FAQ Document that should answer most of your questions. Of course, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support, Account Management, and Sales contacts should you need anything. 

My sincerest appreciation, 

John P. Raeder, Jr.

CEO - talentReef