Recruit to Retain Top Talent in Retail

As the leading cloud-based Social Recruiting and Talent Management platform built for the hourly workforce, talentReef streamlines how retailers recruit, hire, and develop both their exempt and non-exempt workforce. In today’s tight labor market, talentReef’s mobile Human Resources platform streamlines how companies differentiate themselves as an employer of choice and inevitably recruit, hire, and develop their valuable talent.  The talentReef system solves for a multitude of challenges related to the employee life-cycle of decentralized talent management - large numbers of applicants, compliance demands in a decentralized and diverse environment, high-volume onboarding, systematic training, and finally, effectively evaluating and developing employees to keep top performers engaged and to exit under performers efficiently.  The talentReef solution also helps businesses to leverage social, mobile recruitment efforts to attract and screen the Millennials dominating the market today, to find the best fit for their organization.


Generate a steady flow of applicants
Generate a steady flow of applicants across all your jobs
Identify and spend your time with the best fit candidates
Identify and spend your time with the best fit candidates
Hire and onboard quickly
Hire and onboard quickly, while ensuring compliance
Provide the right training
Provide the right training at the right time for all employees
Drive performance
Drive performance via regular feedback and appraisals
Track, measure and optimize
Track, measure, and optimize all activity and results
talentReef Customer Testimonial
We've gone from about 125% turnover to less than 50% turnover, and I really attribute that to our managers spending their time with great candidates and making the best hires
Michelle Valdez, Human Resource Director