Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in Retail

In today’s competitive Retail environment, having top talent can be a retailer’s biggest competitive advantage.  As retailers use technology to build customer loyalty via online branding, social media, and brand specific apps, they are also using technology to use their employer brand and culture to find higher quality candidates across multiple channels and offer them and their employees a better experience digitally resulting in their customers receiving a better experience with their staff.

talentReef’s Talent Management platform allows businesses to invest in their talent to grow their business.

Generate a steady flow of applicants
Generate a steady flow of applicants across all your jobs
Identify and spend your time with the best fit candidates
Identify and spend your time with the best fit candidates
Hire and onboard quickly
Hire and onboard quickly, while ensuring compliance
Provide the right training
Provide the right training at the right time for all employees
Drive performance
Drive performance via regular feedback and appraisals
Track, measure and optimize
Track, measure, and optimize all activity and results
talentReef Customer Testimonial
We've gone from about 125% turnover to less than 50% turnover, and I really attribute that to our managers spending their time with great candidates and making the best hires
Michelle Valdez, Human Resource Director