Recruiting and Retaining Top Shelf Talent for the Grocery Store Industry

Recruiting and Talent Management doesn’t have to be a game of Supermarket Sweep to find the best employees for your Grocery store.  With over 35,000 grocery stores employing more than three million workers, the Grocery industry is an essential business in the United States.  With added competition from convenience stores breaking into the fresh food market and razor thin margins on the products, finding the best talent and retaining them is vital for any grocery operator.

talentReef’s Social Recruiting & Talent Management platform allows businesses in the Grocery Industry to invest in their talent to grow their business.

Generate a steady flow of applicants
Generate a steady flow of applicants across all your jobs
Identify and spend your time with the best fit candidates
Identify and spend your time with the best fit candidates
Hire and onboard quickly
Hire and onboard quickly, while ensuring compliance
Provide the right training
Provide the right training at the right time for all employees
Drive performance
Drive performance via regular feedback and appraisals
Track, measure and optimize
Track, measure, and optimize all activity and results
talentReef Customer Testimonial
Our experience so far has convinced us we made the right choice when we chose talentReef.
Dave Redden, Senior Vice President of Human Resources