Keep Your Workforce Engaged with talentReef's Training & Development

Increase retention and productivity by ensuring new hires and employees are up-to-date with training requirements and have access to development tools.


Dynamic Training Solution

talentReef offers on-the-go, mobile training that not only makes training easy for the employee but also for the manager to deploy and track consistent progress across the entire workforce footprint.

talentReef allows the employee to track and manage their own training in a user friendly platform, making it simple, consistent and consolidated under a single user interface. Training courses can be recommended based on performance, counseling forms, goals or strategic career-pathing. 



Track Training Success

talentReef makes managing training easy.  With the talentReef system, companies can set notifications for when new training is available, manage content competency, and track course completions, scores and statistics. Additional functionality includes:

  • View training and performance metrics on a single employee, a single location, a market or your entire footprint.
  • Track progress towards completion both on a % of completion basis and on a course success or rating basis.
  • Run reports and track compliance by location, department, manager, course.


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