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talentReef offers the service industry's only end-to-end talent management solution. From our social-mobile recruiting platform to engagement tools for real-time feedback, talentReef helps more than 100,000 locations drive a faster ROI. In some cases, talentReef customers have seen a reduction in turnover by 60+% by leveraging our recruiting engine to attract both passive and active jobseekers, identifying top candidates using sophisticated screening tools, and by increasing overall employee engagement.  


Social Recruiting

talentReef’s industry leading Social Recruiting platform powers the service industry's high-volume hiring needs with the strategic resources required to gain a competitive edge.

With Millennials making up the majority of the workforce and Gen-Z beginning to enter the job market, it's critical to have a seamless candidate experience that offers an engaging, mobile-responsive application and a social recruiting strategy that allows you to compete for top talent. Today’s workforce is socially-savvy, with 1 in 5 job seekers applying to positions they discovered on social media. When applying for a new job, culture reigns supreme with 81% of job-seekers citing that a company's employment brand and reputation are key factors to accepting a job.

Download the talentReef Social Recruiting whitepaper to learn more. 


Applicant Tracking & Assessments

Being the most widely adopted Applicant Tracking System in the services industry, talentReef's ATS is currently utilized across thousands of clients throughout North America. 

The fully mobile-optimized talentReef ATS provides an easy and intuitive process for applicants to apply in minutes, reducing applicant drop off. With functions such as evergreen hiring and text messaging candidates, time-to-fill can be significantly reduced while creating a quick ROI for minimizing paper processes, compliance risk, and increasing quality of hire.

Read the talentReef ATS & Assessments datasheet to learn more.



100% Paperless.  100% Compliant.  100% Peace of Mind.

The onboarding process is often a very paper heavy, time consuming process for most new hires and managers. Without digitized onboarding, many companies have inefficient and costly processes, they miss out on available tax credits and find errors on employees’ I-9s making them non-compliant.

talentReef Onboarding provides a personalized, engaging experience for new hires. Employees are able to quickly complete all required forms on their smart phones, computer or tablet, and managers will never again have to worry about incomplete employee paperwork.  By digitizing onboarding forms, your organization will reduce administrative costs, optimize tax credit processing, and ensure compliance for all new hires.


Employee Engagement

Retain “A” players and nurture top talent along a service industry career.

The Millennial driven workforce of today expects instant feedback and recognition replacing the manual, paper intensive legacy evaluation process. With 51% of today’s workforce claiming they are not engaged at work and are open to new opportunities, employee engagement and feedback is more important than ever. 

talentReef’s Employee Engagement delivers an excellent employee experience with constant, ongoing feedback and recognition that is integrated into the review process.  With Employee Engagement, managers and employees are given a comprehensive picture of employee performance that allows them to work together toward improvement and overall growth by tracking goals, warnings, and evaluations, ultimately driving engagement, increasing performance and identifying top performers for career growth.

Click here to download the talentReef Employee Engagement Infographic.



talentReef's Training solution displaces the cumbersome, bulky LMS platforms by offering a nimble, mobile driven system built for field usage.  Managers and administrators can easily create and distribute content based on departments, locations, positions, etc. and create curriculums for employees to complete. 

By offering employees an easily accessible tool to review and complete trainings, companies expand their employees' knowledge base and provide tools for development efforts. By linking development tools with the talentReef Performance Management solution, employees can pro-actively or reactively access the courses for career progression. 

Reports for training by course, location, and position, with easy filters provides all the visibility organizations need to quickly analyze the success of their training in the field.


Employee Self-Service

Putting Employee Data into the Hands of the Employees

Every minute a manager spends updating employee paperwork is a minute spent away from their duties on the floor driving sales and supporting customer interaction.  Employee Self-Service can help reduce the time managers and HR professionals in the corporate office spend on administrative tasks, freeing them to raise their value in the organization.

talentReef’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) provides numerous benefits for employees, managers and corporate HR professionals increasing manager efficiency, improving employee data and easily aligning employees with organizational objectives.


Reporting & Analytics

Standard and customizable reports give companies the insights needed to understand what aspects of their talent management strategy are working best. Corporate and Admin Users can analyze program health, compliance, candidate metrics, and performance while field operators can see dashboard reports and key metrics at a glance.  As with the rest of the talentReef Talent Management platform, the Reporting Engine is built with the end users in mind utilizing simple-to-use filters, column changes, and charting options.   



talentReef knows integrations are pivotal to optimize time savings and ensure a return on investment. Therefore, talentReef provides an API Gateway to enable third party integrations in a secure and efficient environment enabling clients to either leverage a talentReef partner or continue operating with their current providers.  By leveraging the API Gateway, talentReef customers benefit from integrations throughout the entire talentReef platform – from recruiting to employee engagement to backend integrations – eliminating the need for dual data entry, but ensuring a best-of breed approach to your HR technology stack.

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