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Simple & Smart Solutions Designed to Match Your Employment Brand to Your Consumer Brand

Retailers require a unique hiring strategy that can accommodate numerous complex workflows, user types and candidate experiences. Build your employment brand equity with talentReef's highly configurable recruitment platform, then engage your best performers with post-hire tools designed to digitize your performance and training strategies. 


Transforming Your Employment Brand

Creating an intuitive candidate experience for job seekers is vital to ensuring minimal applicant drop-off, but more importantly for managers to easily locate their most qualified applicants and efficiently target and hire those best-fit for the company's culture. talentReef provides multiple levels of configurable screening for employers to quickly identify their best applicants based on experience, qualifications, and cultural alignment. With configurable scoring criteria, resume parsing, targeted search tools and an actionable dashboard, recruiters and hiring managers are in the driver’s seat recruiting and engaging with the most relevant candidates.

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