Solutions to Costly Unwanted Attrition Created by Manual Hiring

The best thing a company can do for their competitors is hire poorly. Hiring talented individuals is critical to organizational success. If not done correctly, an organization’s recruitment efforts can produce job applicants who are unqualified, who lack diversity, or who may be prone to turnover if hired. There are a couple tactics companies can take to approach the organization of their recruiting and onboarding process. Manual hiring is a more traditional process that entails manually posting jobs, reviewing all applications that come in, pre-screening and assessing each individual candidate, and manually completing the onboarding process. This process is known to be fairly dated and time consuming. Utilizing ATS and Talent Management systems is a newer method wherein cloud-based programs assist in job posting, tracking, assessing, onboarding, training and performance management of candidates and new hires. Many companies have moved to the latter platform realizing the gains from being more efficient and from a long-term financial standpoint; but some have continued to use manual hiring due to initial implementation costs, not valuing the amount of time involved in getting a single hire through an outdated manual system.