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Communicate quickly and reduce no-shows with TalentReef’s integrated interview scheduling.

If a candidate can schedule an interview right away, while you still have their attention, it will make a huge difference in whether or not they show up and how engaged they stay with your company. 

With typical interview scheduling functionality, hiring managers and recruiters can extend interview invitations and allow applicants to select time slots based on the interviewer’s availability. But we noticed a need to take it a step farther.

“We recognized that they [our customers] were having problems scheduling interviews, which was primarily the location manager’s job,” says Ryan Pellet, senior vice president, customer success at TalentReef. “Think of a quick-serve restaurant manager trying to manage a store: ring the cash register, sometimes make the food, make sure that people show up for their shifts. They don’t have time to schedule interviews.”

TalentReef’s Automated Interview Scheduling was designed to create an even more efficient and effective way for hiring managers and candidates to schedule and reschedule interviews, replacing time-consuming manual processes.

How Automated Interview Scheduling works

HR and Hiring Managers simply sync their calendars to TalentReef, select time slots for interview availability, and instantly extend interview invitations based off their availability. Applicants select from the list of open time slots to schedule time to meet and can easily reschedule if needed. It also allows HR and hiring managers to configure automated notifications, reminding managers and applicants of upcoming interviews and makes rescheduling for both parties simple – which greatly reduces no-shows.

This eliminates manual and time-consuming efforts, allowing your hiring team to sync to their calendar, provide availability, and manage cancellations/reschedules – without back-and-forth phone calls and voicemails.

Are you ready to decrease applicant drop-off rates by as much as 12% and reduce time-to-apply by 84%? Check out our one-pager to learn more about how this feature could help you create a more streamlined and effective way to schedule interviews, reduce no-shows, and reduce time to hire. 

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TalentReef solves talent management for the hourly workforce with our unique combination of industry expertise and digital innovation. Our talent management platform is purpose-built for location-based, high-volume hiring. We drive more quality candidates, create efficiencies, ensure compliance, eliminate errors in the hiring and onboarding process, and empower great enterprises to retain talent longer. As an industry-leading talent management solution provider, we leverage over a decade of servicing national brands at more than 100,000 locations to establish optimized recruiting, hiring, onboarding, training, and assessment workflows. Our platform integrates seamlessly with business systems to create a single, streamlined experience for all internal and external stakeholders.

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