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Unfortunately, not all customer service is created equal, and that can be really frustrating, especially when you need support for technology that is essential to running your business: your talent management platform. When it comes to high-volume hiring of the hourly workforce, you need a solution that not only automates and streamlines your recruiting and hiring process, but also provides best practices and optimization strategies so that you can stand out from your competition.  

While most companies offer some kind of customer service, a true customer success model is no longer a cherry on top, but is the key to brand loyalty and customer retention.  

At TalentReef, we are proud of our Customer Success Model. From your first day to your 400th day, we are here to help you and your business succeed. 

How We Are Different 

  • We know the hourly recruiting market based on a decade of knowledge and supporting over 100,000 locations.   
  • We have an entire team of seasoned experts ready to support you.   
  • We are available seven days a week and you can access our Support Site 24 hours a day.
  • We can connect through whatever channel is most convenient for you: submitting a ticket through our support site, Live Chat, phone, and email.  
  • We also offer support for your applicants so that your hiring manager doesn’t have to spend time answering technical questions for candidates.  
  • We incorporate customer feedback into our product roadmap, which means our customers have a voice in making the platform even better and more useful. 

What Our Customers Say 

We know a strategic partnership works. Here are few of the results that our customers have seen. 

One TalentReef customer saw a 136% increase in applicant flow after implementing a new feature and making adjustments as recommended by their Customer Success Manager. This same customer credits support as a major reason for her company’s success using the platform. “I’ve been very happy with the response times and the commitment to resolution from the TalentReef team. I think that’s always one of the biggest variables [with a talent management solution] and you guys do a really nice job with that,” she explained in a recent case study. 

Another customer has a smaller HR team with limited bandwidth and depends on TalentReef to streamline the application and onboarding process, and to help optimize the technology. The Manager of Talent Acquisition and Culture for this fast-casual restaurant chain said that “when it comes to our minimum/maximum pay rate changes, we are able to have the TalentReef team help. We rely on your team to streamline some of the more time-consuming tasks.” This not only saves the customer time, but money by increasing the number of applicants, decreasing time to hire, and giving managers time back in their day for restaurant operations. 

Christina S., of the Indus Hospitality Group​, said that the support she’s received from her dedicated Customer Support Manager has made TalentReef  “​the most efficient tool for our company.”​  

Many of our customers use TalentReef to support multiple franchise locations, so it’s important that they get support quickly and are giving best practices to maximize the platform. Bobbi C., Talent Acquisition Partner for a multi-national fast-food chain, told us that she finds TalentReef  “incredibly responsive when it comes to technical or configuration requests, and proactively addresses the changing hiring landscape when it comes to our ATS: text integrations, AI, and streamlining the application process to increase the numbers coming in the top of the funnel.” 

Want to learn more about how a customer success partnership can maximize the ROI of your talent management solution? Download our white paper today. 

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