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When it comes to hourly hiring, speed wins. The first potential employer that responds to and engages an applicant has the best chance of getting them an offer letter — and getting that offer accepted — before anyone else. 

When you engage in high-volume, location-based hiring of hourly workers, you need a talent management system that helps you hire faster by reducing friction throughout the application process and getting an applicant to the interview stage before your competition does.  

While there are plenty of features that can help you do this on their own, you’ll get the best results when using these tools together. If you’re looking to speed up your application and interview process, TalentReef’s Chat Apply and Automated Interview Scheduling might be the answer. 

How Chat Apply and Automated Interview Scheduling Work Together

Across service industries, applications can take up to an hour to complete. Pair that with the fact that 73% of applicants will abandon a job application if it takes them longer than 15 minutes and chances are, you’re losing potential applicants before you even get the opportunity to interview them.  

With TalentReef’s Chat Apply feature, our Conversational AI Chatbot provides an interactive and easy way for candidates to fill out an application and engage with your brand. Structured conversations automatically complete applications and assess candidates’ qualifications within minutes. Applications leveraging this tool take just 2-3 minutes to complete.  

From there, the chatbot will assess a candidate’s qualifications and, when paired with our Automated Interview Scheduling feature, allows hiring managers and recruiters to quickly extend interview invitations and allow applicants to select time slots based on the interviewer’s availability. This minimizes manual and time-consuming efforts, allowing your hiring team to sync to their calendar, provide availability, and manage cancellations/reschedules — without back-and-forth phone calls and voicemails.  

The Results 

A fast, frictionless application process boosts applicant flow and decreases drop-offs, helping you find the best candidate for your hourly positions while giving managers time to focus more on business operations. 

The benefits of using TalentReef’s Conversational AI Chatbot and Automated Interview Scheduling include:  

  • Application drop-off rates as low as 12% 
  • Decrease time-to-apply up to 84% 
  • Decrease time-to-hire by up to 43% 
  • Complete applications in under 3 minutes 
  • Increase applicant flow with structured conversations and no redirection 
  • Reduce no-shows with automated notifications for applicants and managers 
  • Eliminated third-party chatbot integrations and added SMS costs with a seamless integration 
  • Remove the need for a hiring manager to manually screen for desired qualifications and manage interview invitations, changes, or cancellation 
  • Save time by eliminating back-and-forth phone calls and voicemails 

Want to see these two features in action? Watch our recent webinar to learn more. 

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