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If you’re part of a company that hires hourly workers you’ve probably heard of the TalentReef talent management platform. Many of you reading this are current customers of TalentReef today, as we serve over 100,000 locations across the U.S., while others may be interested to see if TalentReef’s platform can help with the hiring challenges of today within their businesses. And while there are plenty of reasons why our platform was already the best option for high-volume, location-based hourly hiring, we wanted to take a moment to re-introduce ourselves.  

Where It All Began 

When we first started in 2006, our goal was to digitize what was largely a manual hiring process. Our platform offered flexibility and customization at a low cost. We gathered years of data as we fine-tuned our system and listened to what our customers needed.  

“TalentReef is one of the leaders in this space, creating the first hourly worker ATS with the ability to recruit, track, and onboard applicants,” said Rich Crawford, CEO of TalentReef. “ATS was a great innovation to meet some of the needs of the hiring challenges the industry now faces, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle.”  

In 2019, we rededicated our investment into the platform to ensure foundational stability and a flexible framework ensuring the ability to adjust to market dynamics. During this time, companies that hired hourly workers had plenty of applicants. The focus was on quality not quantity and employers could take their time finding the right fit.  

How We’ve Pivoted 

Things changed quickly in the spring of 2020.  Employers suddenly needed to change from quality to quantity and speed became king. Our customers needed more help than ever with hourly hiring, turning to TalentReef for more advanced features that would streamline and automate processes. They needed to reach and attract more applicants – in some cases just to fill the bare minimum to keep their doors open. 

We thought about how to make the recruiting and hiring process faster, easier, and more automated.  

Recognizing the challenge our customers were facing, we responded by bringing several new features to the market: 

  • Fast Apply, the fastest application in the industry; 
  • Chat Apply, a conversational AI chatbot that uses structured conversations automatically complete applications, assess candidates’ qualifications and schedule interviews within minutes; 
  • Text Communications, allowing companies to reach and engage with candidates where they live — on their phones;  and  
  • Automatic Interview Scheduling, eliminating time-consuming back-and-forth between hiring managers and candidates while reducing applicant ghosting.  

We increased our partnership efforts by developing an open API that makes it easy to integrate all of our customers’ business-critical systems for a seamless talent management process in one single platform. From payroll to background checks to workforce management, we integrate with best-in-class third party technologies to create efficiencies at every step of the talent management journey. 

As part of our integration strategy, we recently announced two new partnerships with major job boards:  

  • Indeed Easy Apply, an advanced integration that offers a seamless connection between one of the most popular job boards available and TalentReef’s ATS; and 
  • Snagajob partnership, an additional avenue for applicant flow with flexible options to optimize the recruiting process based on the employer’s needs.  

The results have been nothing short of impressive:  

  • 87% application completion rate for customers using Fast Apply vs. the industry average of 30-40% with a standard application. 
  • Customers have seen up to a 141% increase in applicant flow in the first month after implementing Fast Apply and optimizing their workflow. 
  • Customers have cut their time-to-hire in half. 
  • Our Text Communications have a 98% deliverability rate and a 72-83% response rate from applicants.   
  • Using Interview Scheduling and Text Communications reduced time-to-hire by 33% across customers.   

Everyone is Talking About the New TalentReef 

Lauren Austin, Employee Relations Manager ​for the Brumit Restaurant Group, was a previous customer that was unhappy with the system they switched to and couldn’t be happier to come back to TalentReef: “A huge reason why we came back was because all of our vendors — like our background check and programmatic ad vendors — are preferred partners with TalentReef,” Austin said. “I really appreciate that TalentReef is actively updating the platform. It’s nice that it’s not staying the same and we wanted to come back because of the new features.”

Chris Rutt, Vice President of Talent Acquisition and Development with Crestline Hotels & Resorts, switched to TalentReef from a competitor earlier this year. In the first month after the change, their number of candidates immediately increased by 369%. Rutt said, “I really appreciate your system and that it knows who it is in the fact that it really is geared towards more of the retail, hospitality, restaurant type of crowd… you guys know who you are, and I really appreciate that.”  

Scooter’s Coffee has been a TalentReef customer for more than three years, and Lacey Navarrete, Director of Talent Acquisition, has seen TalentReef’s growth over time. “That’s one thing I like about TalentReef — you’re continuing to innovate all the time. The company and the features that you guys had when we signed three years ago are nothing compared to what you have now,” she said recently. 

The Future is Frictionless 

At TalentReef, we’re not just building features — we’re creating an entire talent management ecosystem built on the idea of eliminating friction and making the hiring and onboarding process as smooth and easy as possible for our customers and their applicants.

We continue to leverage AI as we build an even more dynamic system that learns and evolves to make recommendations that help customers reach hiring goals, know what to do based on the current market conditions, determine the ROI of recruitment methods to make decisions about how to designate job board/recruitment spend, track the effectiveness of their application, candidate engagement, and more.   

Want to hear more about what’s next? Download our white paper or contact us today. 

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