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High-volume hiring decisions can only succeed with adequate data to guide them. Analyzing the data generated from engaging with job applicants and new hires helps you learn vital information to improve your talent acquisition strategy.  

For example, you can look at which channels attract the greatest number of applicants, the average number of total applicants for each job filled, and how wages affect hiring rates. The most valuable talent management system allows you to easily identify skill gaps and assess how well a given applicant can fill the gap. 

TalentReef’s reporting and analytics tools help you fine-tune your processes and maximize ROI to save you time, money, and effort.  

Features include: 

  • Applicant source tracking 
  • Compliance audit (I-9 and EEOC) 
  • Posting reports 
  • Employee goals tracking 
  • Time-to-hire metrics 
  • Hiring manager usage 
  • Time-to-fill metrics 
  • Training completions 

How Does TalentReef’s Reporting/Analytics Work? 

Hiring managers, HR professionals, and franchise owners can track and provide details on everything from applicants who have expressed interest to onboarding forms and background check information. Our analytics also provide data on time-to-hire, turnover, campaign results, and more — enabling continuous improvement of your talent management strategy.  

What are the Benefits of Using Reporting/Analytics? 

Kori Viana, Human Resources Recruiter for American Bread Company, pulls reports for her district managers to provide them information about how many applicants they had for that month per location and per position. Having the easy ability to do that is something I appreciate and use a lot,” she said. 

Other benefits include: 

  • Easy audits: Our deep documentation and reporting enable you to quickly gather documents needed for an audit — taking out the guesswork and saving you time. 
  • Expiration Alerts: Stay compliant without thinking about it — our reporting tools will tell hiring managers when an important employee form is about to expire and needs to be refreshed. 
  • Identify Opportunities: From recruit to retain, our analytics will show you exactly where you have room for improvement, such pinpointing the best source for top applicants. 
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