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Today’s hourly candidate won’t even bother to take the time to fill out a lengthy application process. And why should they? With millions more job openings than job seekers, they have plenty of options. In fact, it’s been shown that 73% of candidates will abandon a job application if it takes them longer than 15 minutes.  

For companies that are looking to increase applicant flow, you have to offer the easiest, most streamlined application process possible. At TalentReef, that means an application that takes an average of just 2-3 minutes to complete, but can be filled out in as few as 90 seconds. 

How do we do it? 

Meet Fast Apply, the easiest, fastest application process built for the hourly workforce. With configurability to adjust requirements and workflows for any position or location, it allows hiring managers to set up the screening questions relevant for each individual role, so they can make informed decisions without slowing down the application or hiring process. 

The industry average for application drop-off rate ranges from 60-70%, but TalentReef customers have seen a drop-off rate of just 12% (once the application has been started). 

One TalentReef customer enabled Fast Apply and saw a 30% increase in applicants per location across 46 locations in the first three months. 

Read our case study to find out how this multi-national fast-food chain got an 136% increase in applicant flow in the first two weeks after implementing Fast Apply and pairing down their PosiFit questions. 

Benefits of Fast Apply include: 

  • Increase applicant flow and decrease time-to-apply with a quick and easy applicant process 
  • Reduce drop-off with an above-average application completion rate of 87%
  • Remove barriers to apply: in most cases, the applicant doesn’t need to login or register for an account 
  • Decrease time-to-hire with a more effective screening process and more applicant flow 
  • Best-in-class applicant experience  
  • Analytics platform that captures source and drop-off data 
  • Self-service application configuration for greater flexibility to change position workflows as needed 
  • Integrates seamlessly with Chat Apply for a fast application experience completed via conversational AI chatbot 

Contact us to see how TalentReef’s Fast Apply process can help you: 

  • Get your drop-off rates to as low as 12% 
  • Reduce time-to-apply by up to 84% 
  • Hire up to 77% faster  

Or visit www.talentreef.com/our-platform/recruit to learn more about TalentReef ‘s recruiting features.

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