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Data you can take action on via any mobile device

Do you feel in the dark when it comes to key metrics needed to manage your people asset? You’re not alone. You don’t need “big data”; you need real-time access to the right information at the right time. Whether following trends of seasonal applicant flow or auditing pay changes made last week, access the data YOU need when you need it with talentReef Insight.  

Why talentReef Insight

  • Optimize recruitment spend
    Optimize recruitment spend
  • Be able to report on compliance
    Be able to report on compliance
  • Effectively manage all locations
    Effectively manage all locations
  • Optimize the bottom line
    Optimize the bottom line

Actionable Analytics & Insight

Standard and customized reports give the insight needed to take action. Analyze program health, compliance, and hiring and employee management processes.  

Insights Report

Find Trends and Anomalies

Interactive tools and charts help identify trends, exceptions and anomalies that may require follow up, such as I-9 document expiration and pay rate changes.

Interactive Reports

How do your sites compare?

talentReef Insight gives you a look across all of your locations.  This view proves invaluable when determining where more resources may need to be allocated and which sites may not require as much attention.

How do your sites compare

How do YOU compare?

How does your organization stack up against other players in the industry? Benchmark your data against industry information in the talentReef system.

How do you compare
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