talentReef Performance Management

Be the employer everyone wants to stay and grow with

Foster a culture of high performance and career mobility through ongoing, consistent feedback, reviews, rewards and recognition. All within an intuitive, people-friendly system.

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Why talentReef Performance Management

  • Increase overall productivity
    Increase overall productivity
  • Compliance peace of mind
    Compliance peace of mind
  • Decrease employee turnover
    Decrease employee turnover
  • Maximize business success
    Maximize business success

Align Your Workforce

Create a sense of understanding around what high performance looks like at your organization. Align your team with these goals and priorities — then track progress. 

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Recognize and Reward Performance

Recognize and communicate great performance, and provide continuous feedback to your employees. A strong evaluation system is not just important post-hire, it also helps attract stronger candidates who want to receive regular feedback and grow within the company.

Reward Performance

Identify and develop future leaders

Focus on continual employee development by identifying future leaders as well as coaching opportunities. Tools like the 9-Box Grid assist in measuring employee potential. 

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Utilize talentReef training to drive improvements

Leverage talentReef Training to close any skills gaps that surface through feedback, coaching, and appraisals. Make it easy for employees to register for non-required courses that align with their career path goals.

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