talentReef Applicant Tracking System & Pre-Hire Assessments

Hire Fast. Hire Right.

The Service Industry’s most flexible ATS system meets the Service Industry’s most reliable pre-hire assessments engine to streamline and simplify the entire application process while prioritizing the best fit applicants.  

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Why talentReef ATS & Assessments

  • Capture mobile applicants
    Capture mobile applicants
  • Reduce time and cost to hire
    Reduce time and cost to hire
  • Increase overall productivity
    Increase overall productivity
  • Improve quality of hire
    Improve quality of hire

End-to-end mobile apply process

Maximize application completion rates by making the apply process easy and intuitive from any method, including mobile devices, POS systems, traditional web browsers, walk-ins, and the industry’s only IVR phone application system.

Mobile ATS

Automatically filter out ineligible applicants

Why have managers spend time reviewing applicants that don’t meet the minimum requirements? Show only the best fit applicants and automatically release the others - or make them available to your Talent Community for other/future opportunities that may be a better fit!

Automatically Filter Applicants

Assess applicants across several dimensions

Leverage talentReef’s industry-centric assessment platform to analyze a candidate’s key personality traits and behaviors. This ensures an employee match that goes beyond just core job requirements – focusing on skills that help reduce turnover and increase employee engagement.  

Assess Applicants across several dimensions

Easily view and manage applicants

Assign stages and ranking to applicants in order to easily determine where an applicants is in the review process and whether further action is needed. 

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