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Resume Parsing


Creating an applicant profile and submitting an application has never been easier for your candidates! With resume parsing, applicants can upload their resume and talentReef will auto-fill the relevant information to create their profile in minutes. This means less applicant drop-off and more accurate profile information!


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Uploading Your Resume

Indeed Sponsored Jobs

talentReef’s sponsored jobs integration gives clients the ability to promote their jobs on the World’s #1 Job Site, Indeed, directly through talentReef. Simply click to sponsor your job, select your budget, and let the applicants roll in!

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everify employment authorized

E-Verify Management

E-Verify is a helpful tool to verify work eligibility that saves you time and energy in your hiring. To streamline the process, talentReef will now prompt you when attempting to submit duplicate cases and we'll provide the option to make notes for inaccurate cases rather than submitting additional cases. 

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Do Not Rehire Flag

If you've terminated an employee with the status "Do Not Rehire", that doesn't prevent the employee from re-applying in the future. talentReef will save you time and energy by flagging these applicants so you can quickly decide if you'd like to consider their application.

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a text to apply


With 97% of Americans using text messaging as a method of communication every day, texting is the newest way to capture applications. With text-to-apply, employers can capture mobile-driven candidates on the go! 

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Did You Know?

Did you know that talentReef provides the ability to make changes and updates to your Onboarding documentation through our Self-Service Forms tool?

The Self-Service Forms feature gives administrative users the ability to manage, edit, and update Onboarding forms on an as-needed basis through their talentReef Manage login.  

Self-Service Forms 

  • Upload PDF forms or create custom forms with our Rich Text Editor
  • Determine the document's required workflow: i.e. Manager signature Only, Employee Signature Only, Employee then Manager Signature, etc.
  • Edit existing documents and redistribute to employees 
  • Assign forms en masse or ad-hoc assign to individual employees

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