True Hire has more than two decades serving the needs of the quick serve and hospitality industries. We know that a generic solution is not adequate for the faster turnaround times and higher hit rates specific to your business. With a footprints often spread out over multiple states, including rural areas- our experience dealing in literally every small town in America has us uniquely suited to get you the quickest results. In addition, because we have probably seen it before (more than once!) we are capable of quickly dealing with the increased number of records typical to the industry. We also create customized workflows to create the fastest candidate experience and flow so that the background check can be initiated very quickly at the optimal point in the hiring process.

True Hire is accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association. Accreditation means that we go above and beyond to provide our clients with accurate background checks and excellent customer service while following strict compliance and data security protocols.

Individualized Customer Service
At True Hire, you will never get a recording or an automated response. If you’re open, we’re open, and you will always speak with an in-house customer service representative when you call. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Adding technology such as live chat and texting just expands your ability to easily interact and get the answers you need right away!

True Hire’s Technology is uniquely designed for a smooth and seamless integration with TalentReef. We have taken the necessary time to develop a system that is streamlined and fully customized to the features that TalentReef offers.