A shortage of talent, high employee turnover, seasonal demand fluctuation – as the trusted screening partner of more than a quarter of the top 50 US retailers, Sterling understands the service industry’s need for fast, cost-effective and comprehensive background checks. That’s why Sterling and talentReef have partnered since 2014 to provide a pre-built integration with talentReef that enables you to conduct background checks directly within the talentReef platform. The result? A unified hiring process that saves time, eliminates manual processes, and improves hiring compliance all while extending a great experience to your candidates and your HR team.

The Sterling Advantage

  • Faster Time-To-Hire: We deliver results in hours, not days. In fact, 66% of Sterling’s criminal searches close in an hour – reducing time-to-hire.
  • Accuracy Matters: Gain more accurate results with our extensive data sources that expose tens of thousands more criminal records than database searches alone.
  • Minimize Compliance Risk: Reduce risk with Sterling’s convenient, built-in compliance tools and processes that simplify always-evolving regulations.