Leverage Countless Process & Product Integrations in a Secure and Efficient Environment

talentReef provides an API Gateway that enables third party integrations to seamlessly connect real-time data throughout the entire talentReef platform, eliminating the need for dual data entry and increasing overall efficiencies.

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talentReef understands that integrations are pivotal to optimize time savings and ensure a return on investment. Therefore, we provide a unified API Gateway to enable third party integrations to connect in a secure and efficient environment. We allow our customers with numerous options to accomplish their integration goals, whether it be leveraging a talentReef preferred partner or continuing to operate with their existing provider of choice. Automating your people processes under a single integration umbrella allows each provider to speak their own technical language in a way that is neutral for all parties, eliminating dual entry, multiple logins, and most importantly- saving time, money and energy.

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Best-of-Breed Approach

By leveraging the API Gateway, talentReef customers benefit from integrations throughout the entire talentReef platform. From recruiting processes- utilizing social networks as key drivers of quality referrals, to onboarding- controlling real-time knowledge of i9 verification, to backend HCM integrations, talentReef eliminates the need for dual data entry, ensuring a best-of breed approach to your HR technology stack. Regardless of your preferred vendor selections, talentReef can accommodate your need for real-time data feeds, allowing your team to actively work with the most up-to-date information that will inform your people strategy.

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