Empower Employees to Update & Manage Information with

talentReef's Mobile Employee Self-Service

Every minute a manager spends updating an employee's paperwork is a minute spent away from their duties on the floor driving sales and supporting customer interaction.  Employee Self-Service can help reduce the time managers and HR professionals in the corporate office spend on administrative tasks, building greater value in the field.


Employee Self-Service 

Employee Self-Service grants employees access to their own, mobile-optimized employee profile that syncs with their managers view of the same information -- removing managers from the often cumbersome process of updating multiple systems.

ESS provides each employee with an individual, one-stop-shop for viewing and managing their own Employee Profile, including performance evaluations, counseling forms, and development tools.


Consolidate Employee Information 

talentReef’s Employee Self-Service provides numerous benefits for employees, managers and corporate HR professionals increasing manager efficiency, improving employee data and easily aligning employees with organizational objectives.

  • Grant employees access to their own, mobile-optimized employee profile empowering them to update and change their own personal information.
  • Improves manager productivity by freeing up time and resources and shifting responsibility from the managers to the employees.
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