How Big is the Hourly Nation

Punching a Time Clock

Hourly employees consist of about 60% of the workforce in the U.S. The Hourly Nation entails a total of 1.3 billion hourly workers worldwide, 75 million of which reside in the U.S. The Hourly Nation is indispensable for many industries across the country accounting for approximately 17% of GDP in the United States . Companies know that their people represent their brand. Around the world, employees are interacting with customers over the phone, at the register, and on the retail floor. These employees are the hourly nation. And they are responsible for crucial customer, revenue, and profitability outcomes on behalf of the influential brands they represent. 

Making up 60% of the United States workforce, hourly workers power the service industry. The verticals they work in – including restaurants, convenience stores, hospitality, entertainment, retail, grocery stores and wholesale distribution – have all witnessed the positive outcomes of employing hourly workers. Hourlies, coming from a wide array of backgrounds, do tend to enjoy the flexibility that follows the service industry. For example, according to an article posted by CBS News, 71% percent of the nation’s 19.7 million college undergraduates are working . These students are typically not in a position to take on a traditional workweek type position, as it would interfere with their coursework. Therefore, the wants of this Hourly Nation of workers meshes well with the industries they attract to, considering the need for employees who can be available for a more flexible workweek, taking on shifts outside the typical nine to five.

It is more than evident that these service-based companies need their hourly workers just as much as the hourly workers need these organizations. Hourly workers think and act differently than traditional workweek employees. Looking back at the student example, a working college student would be looking for a position that worked around his or her school schedule. They might also want to be in a work environment that was fun and social. Stability and benefits might not be as much of a concern at this point. Years later, this same person would likely be more focused on five-year plans, stability and what retirement might look like in twenty years. Obviously the Hourly Nation maintains a very diverse background in terms of what they’re looking for, but it is nevertheless evident that this group of employees needs a specialized focus.

Accounting for 17% of the U.S. GDP brings this workforce’s worth to approximately 2.85 trillion dollars. Let’s look at that number again – the Hourly Nation is responsible for 2.85 TRILLION dollars. At 2.85 trillion this is certainly a portion of the working industry that deserves a more focused approach when it comes to talent acquisition and management. JobApp Plus was built specifically around the Hourly Nation. It is the only talent acquisition and management platform designed specifically with the hourly workforce in mind. JobApp is the leading cloud-based Social Recruiting and Talent Management System provider focused on the Hourly Nation across multiple service industry sectors. JobApp’s mobile Human Resources platform (Social Recruiting, ATS, Background Checks, Onboarding, Training, Scheduling, and Performance Management) streamlines how fast-paced operators find, hire, and manage their valuable workforce.