An Intuitive, Mobile Driven Application Tool Driving Quality Candidate Flow and a Compliant Hiring Process

Leverage talentReef's ATS for multiple levels of configurable screening for employers to quickly identify their best applicants based on fit, qualification, and cultural alignment.


Custom Screening Tools

talentReef stands apart from many applicant-tracking systems because of our unique and comprehensive pre-screening process. We offer three unique assessment tools to help find the best possible candidates. Pre-Q — minimal requirements, such as age, schedule, education. Posi-Fit — "Position fitness" questions that relate to the specifics of a job, ability, aptitude, experience. Integrated Assessments - scores the applicant based on behavioral and attitude traits  based on industry, position, and company culture. 

Based on talentReef's decentralized and service industry expertise, best practice questions and weighting can be provided to help companies make smart hiring decisions.

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Save Time with talentReef

With talentReef, quickly find the top 20% of applicants so that your managers are spending their time wisely interviewing the best fit applicants.  To solve for the everyday challenges of hiring, explore a few key talentReef ATS features that help drive better efficiency:

  • Configurable workflow to support the hiring process with notifications and alerts to prompt next steps in the process
  • Custom scoring and disposition notifications for efficient, yet standardized hiring practices
  • Collects data for compliance with EEOC, AAP, and OFCCP 
  • Real-time status notifications via email and/or text
  • Applicant pooling for empowering the sharing of candidates
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